Rigitech® Polyurethane Sheet Foam provides excellent insulation characteristics and is a very cost effective insulation solution for a diverse range of applications. With its extremely low thermal conductivity values it can deliver optimal energy savings in applications requiring a high level of performance. The excellent mechanical strength and exceptional chemical resistance of Rigitech® Polyurethane Sheet Foam makes it one of the best performing insulation products for a broad range of applications including construction, refrigeration, transportation and marine.


Rigitech® Polyurethane Block and Sheet Foam can be utilised for a diverse range of applications including

  • General Thermal Insulation and Refrigeration – Domestic and commercial insulation panels, underfloor heating systems, coldroom floors, profile cut ½ pipe sectionals, air-conditioning linings and refrigerated display cabinets and ice boxes.
  • Marine Buoyancy & Void Filling – Boat flotation, buoys, pontoons, and filling of voids to prevent pests.
  • Fibreglass Void Forming – Boat building and composite fabrication.
  • Tooling – Fibreglass moulding, signage and any tooling use.

Sizes & Density

Rigitech® Polyurethane Rigid Foam is manufactured in a range of 35kg, 75kg, 120kg and 200kg densities. Typical sheet sizes are 1200mm x 2400mm x required thickness. A foam cutting and profiling service is available making installation quicker and easier for our clients.

As demonstrated below, Rigitech® Polyurethane Sheet Foam outperforms other insulation materials; its insulation performance is exceedingly high even with modest material thickness. Its superior insulation properties and low thermal conductivity means a thinner insulation product making it easier to fit into building cavities. Its closed cell composition ensures very low water permeability and moisture absorption.