Rigitech® is recognised as an industry leader in the manufacture of quality pre-insulated piping systems. Having supplied in excess of 1000 km of pre-insulated pipe for a diverse range of applications and projects throughout Australia, we understand the challenges experienced by our clients and are committed to working with you to manufacture a pre-insulated pipe system to meet the requirements and specifications of your project.

The proven efficiency and versatility of pre-insulated piping makes it the most successful and preferred system of conveying fluids and gases where minimisation of heat loss or gain is required. The design and insulation properties of the Rigitech® Pre-insulated Pipe Systems ensure that optimum performance is ensured in a wide variety of environments including aboveground, underground or submerged applications.

Rigitech® Pre-insulated Pipe Systems consist of a carrier or core pipe insulated by a layer of polyurethane foam which is encased in a protective jacket or solid casing

What kind of pipe can be insulated?

Due to the versatility of the Rigitech® system, our pre-insulated pipes can be manufactured utilising virtually any type of carrier pipe including copper, steel, rolled groove steel, stainless steel, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and High Density Polyethylene (HDPE).


Preinsulated pipe systems have wide application in the HVAC, Mechanical Services, Refrigeration and cryogenics markets. Rigitech offer a range of systems to suit both aboveground applications and underground/buried service applications.

Our Process

To maximise insulation properties and performance all Rigitech® Preinsulated Pipe products are manufactured in a quality controlled factory environment using a one-shot process, ensuring that the system is fully encapsulated and void free. Thereby delivering optimum life performance and durability and ensuring that your Rigitech® Preinsulated Pipe System has been manufactured to your customised specifications. 

Fire Retardant System

Rigitech’s metal cased pre-insulated pipe has been fire tested by CSIRO in accordance with Australian Standard AS1530 with assessment results indicating zero on all indices.